• Oklahoma State Department of Education

    Call us when you know of any activity threatening your school.


    1-877-SAFE-CALL ext. OK 1

    1-877-723-3225 ext. 651


    Once a call is made to SAFE-CALL, a caller is given a case number, which allows the caller to call back in three school days to learn what has happened as a result of his/her call.  Callers are asked for the name of their school, the town where they reside and for specific information about any potential danger.  The call is then immediately transcribed and sent to local school officials, who receive prior notification that a SAFECALL report is being faxed to them.

    If however, the call is of an emergency nature (threat of bomb, weapons or bodily injury, for instance) then school officials and local law enforcement officials are informed within five minutes by telephone of the potential danger.