Individual Career Academic Plan

  • In Oklahoma, we want all students to be successful after high school. Success means students can get a good job that matches their passions and interests and pays well. Beginning in the 2019-20 school year, all Oklahoma students will complete an Individual Career Academic Plan, often referred to as ICAP. Oklahoma’s new high school graduation requirements will give students a personalized roadmap to use when navigating college or career plans after high school – one that ensures they are ready for their next steps and excited about the future. The ICAP includes the following components: academic/career planning, goal setting, college and career ready assessments and work-based learning. Take a look at how our students will complete the ICAP below.

    The ICAP process will allow them to begin planning for their futures. Using an online career planning tool provided by their school, students will record progress toward their career goals. A student’s ICAP will include the activities below plus additional district requirements, if applicable.

    • Students will complete an online career assessment every year to explore their career interests, learn career skills and begin connecting their interests to careers.

    • Students will update their career and postsecondary goals every year as they learn about new opportunities.

    • Students will update their required state and federal assessments (English language arts, mathematics and science) and college and career readiness assessment (ACT or SAT) results as they become available.

    • Students will annually update their academic courses and progress in those courses. Students will also list any career technology programs, AP or IB courses, concurrent enrollment courses or career endorsements that reflect progress toward their individual career pathways.

    • Students will complete at least one in-service learning or work environment activity.