LiiNK Project

Let's Inspire Innovation 'N Kids

The mission of the LiiNK Project is to bridge the gap between academics and the social, emotional and healthy well-being of children. The LiiNK Project aims to develop the whole child through increased recess and character development.

children playing on blue and white playground structure

state school superintendent with group of teachers in front of welcome sign

Joy Hofmeister, State School Superintendent, visits Chattanooga Public School

Joy Hofmeister visited Chattanooga Public School on October 9th to observe how we are using the LiiNK Project to incorporate 4 recesses and a character development curriculum into our school day. We are seeing positive results in the mental and physical well-being of our students. We have found that students have more energy and are more ready to learn in the classroom because of the free play time they are getting each day. They are becoming more resilient, more creative and  learning to resolve conflicts without adult intervention. These are skills that will serve them well for a lifetime.